Why Businesses Choose Us

We’ve successfully managed millions of dollars in media spend for our valued partners, and we’ve had a blast doing it along the way. Over the years, we have come to value relationships above all else.

We believe that media buying shouldn't be a one-sided deal. Simply put, if you don’t win, we don’t win.
Instead of telling you ourselves, we'd rather you hear it from our clients.

Client Testimonials

“Having been buying online media for over 20 years and spending millions of dollars, I’ve rarely encountered a tandem like Steven and Tiffany, with great experience in the industry, who not just ‘sell you media’ but dig deep into your offers, creatives, your ROI goals and help you put together a marketing campaign that has the best shot of success. 

They will strive to get you the best media for your budget, advise on the types of offers and creatives those specific sources like to see which puts you in a much better position for the ROI you want to see. 

It’s a refreshing change from the norm in the industry where they’re just programmed to take your money, run the ads and wish you luck. I highly recommend Strand Media, it’s a decision I’m happy I made every time I review my stats.”

~ George R.

“Outstanding Service and Positive ROI. If I could only use a few words to describe my relationship with Strand, that would be it. When our company ventured out into the paid email advertising world, we were actually very new to it. We had experienced success advertising on social media and managing our own sizable internal buyers list, but the few attempts we had made at paying to get our offers on some “good lists” resulted in pretty mediocre results.


When we were introduced to Strand through a business associate, we almost didn’t even want to move forward because we thought it would be a hassle, and our previous experiences had been so lackluster. But I have to say, we were completely wrong in that assumption. Working with Strand has been nothing short of an easy, natural, and lucrative experience. 


Since day one, Strand has been wonderful. Communication has been open, clear and quick. Because we were so new to this, we pestered them constantly with dumb questions and they were more than happy to walk through each step of the process. They made the experience very comfortable and as easy for us as it could be.

When we originally met with Strand, we were going to just stick our toes in the water and buy a couple lists for a month and see how it went. That was over seven months ago, and we’ve been working together ever since and consistently spending over six figures a month in budget with no regrets. We have run a positive ROI every single month without even considering our backend LTV. There is no doubt this due to the care and quality Strand has provided in giving feedback, listening to feedback, rotating out low performing lists and introducing new lists that resonate with our offers. 


Steven and Strand actually care about your results, and we frequently have conversations on strategy, quick calls to review results, and they even provide great advice and awareness on issues we didn’t even know to ask about. This was a big difference from companies we had tried in the past, where the only time I talked to them was when sales staff emailed me and tried pushing for another round of buys.

Overall, I can’t say enough about the experience Strand has provided in managing this entire process for us. It’s the first company we’ve used that really felt like a trusted partner, and I would happily recommend them to anyone looking to build a long lasting business relationship.”


~ Matt M.

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